Congratulations Class of 2016!

Yesterday was a day that all high school seniors anticipate for months.  A bittersweet day filled with celebration, accomplishment, parties, family, friends, and saying goodbye to classmates.  Graduation day is an exciting milestone is every young person’s life, and for me, it closes another chapter of an amazing year in my business.  I have the privilege of working with some amazing young people and I love the relationships that we built over the year.  We’ve had some great adventures, many bug bites, and lot of laughs.  Congratulations Class of 2016!  You’ve left a huge stamp on my heart!  Best_Stella-15Bouemedine_Cyrine-12 Cornell_Ali-92 Flohr_Hayden-94 Gallogly_Shannon-52 Gaytan_Lia-4 Giradot_Sydney-75XOXO


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