Meet the Team

bri-headshotBri Rickman, Owner and Photographer

I believe in celebrating your birthday every day during your birthday month, no matter your age.

I get the giggles so bad I actually Googled to see if I had a serious neurological condition.

I could spend everyday camping in the mountains and am totally okay not showering.

I am very competitive and am very mean if I lose.

There’s no quicker way to clean your house than to learn that your mom is coming for a visit.

I believe eating dessert before dinner is totally legit.



bobbi2Bobbi Lee Buechler, BLB Makeup – Makeup Artist

I love all things miniature. Any item be it food, silverware, dolls, condiments. Anything. Miniature things are just flat out adorable.

I think dogs are basically humans and mine are just as spoiled as if they were my own children.

I love to travel anywhere, anytime that I can. Even if its just a quick trip for the weekend or a longer trip out of the country.

I camp more in the winter than I do in the summer. Everyone should try it.

I have a real fear of metal coat hangers. I hate them.

If it was okay to eat french fries and frozen yogurt every day I definitely would.

I believe everyone should have PMA. (Positive Mental Attitude) It makes all the difference in the world.

I truly believe everyone is beautiful without makeup. That being said, I love being a makeup artist because I get to see faces transform. Whether it’s a quick natural look to bring out someone’s best features or a dramatic makeover, it’s all the same. It just gives each person a little boost.