Bri's High School Senior Portraits

Welcome to my website! I love photography, and I have created such an exclusive experience for my high school seniors that everyone wants to be a part of it. Check out my blog for my most recent shoots, take a look at my simple and straightforward pricing, read some testimonials, or contact me to schedule a session!

While taking high school senior portraits is my passion, I also love to capture families, engagements, feminine portraits, and professional head shots - so send me a message if you're interested!

Here's what past #briseniors had to say:

Micayla testimonialMicayla: Class of 2015

Being a Bri Senior model has been an unforgettable experience! I had a super fun time road tripping with Bri and Bobbi and the other girls! I don't think there was a time where I wasn't laughing. Being a Bri model is all about being yourself and she really captures that in the pictures! I wish I could be a Bri model forever!! :)

Ashlyn_Chico-5Ashlyn: Class of 2015

When I first met Bri, her and I had sat down and had coffee at one of my favorite coffee shops in town. We talked about what she does and discussed the possibility of me working for her as her intern and being one of her class of 2015 Bri Senior models. Of course I was completely stoked! I've had an interest in photography ever since I was a kid with a disposable camera! And this was a great opportunity for me in gaining experience in photography. I found later that it was also an opportunity as a senior model to have a ton of fun and make new friends. I was beyond excited! Once things started moving along and I started going with Bri to other senior's sessions, I got more of the feel on how things were going to be. I looked forward to the sessions with other seniors because not only where they so much fun, but I got a chance to meet people my age and their families. By far, my favorite sessions were with the other Bri Seniors! These group of girls are so outgoing and made each session such a blast. Plus, we have a photographer who is so dedicated and loves to have fun. Bri made each and every senior love their sessions and their photos.

When we took our road trip to Bozeman and Chico, it was definitely one of the highlights of my summer! Who doesn't love to have their hair and makeup done by a professional, getting dressed up (in a themed outfit!), and getting their picture taken? Bobbi did such a great job with hair and makeup, it made me feel so much more confident and beautiful that I didn't feel awkward in front of the camera while also in front of my peers. I think that shows in my pictures. The shoots alone where so much fun, but on top of that, we went shopping and swimming in the hot springs. Definitely goes down as one of my favorite road trips!

Being a Bri Senior Model is about more than just having fun and getting your pictures taken. As a senior model, your face become the face of the Photographer's business. If a photographer asks you personally to be a senior model, it's a real honor. So it's your job to be the best you can be! Also, you are being a role model to those younger than you, who might be the senior models the next year or the year after that. Your pictures will be used to promote Bri's work and you have to stay loyal to her business and respect her as a person. After all, senior pictures are a big deal (to girls and their moms especially) and if it's Bri's job to make you look good, it's your job to be a good representative.

We love you Bri!

Unsworth_Sarah12Sarah: Class of 2015

Being a Bri Senior Model was the highlight of my summer and my senior year! I really enjoyed getting to know Bri, Bobbi and the other models! It definitely brought us all closer together! I absolutely love being a Bri Senior and wish I could be a senior forever! I've already been telling next years seniors about the program and they really want to join! Lastly, thank you for the amazing opportunity you've given me and I can't wait for our other shoots and the magazine. :)

Savannah_Chico46Savannah: Class of 2015

Being a Bri Senior has been better and more fun then I had ever imagined. I have became friends with the other models and of course Bri :) Being a Bri Senior model is the best opportunity that I have come across for my senior pictures. With being a Bri Senior you get the opportunity to be in many photo shoots rather than just one, and for someone like myself who was camera shy, it was very helpful! :) Bri also made sure to help involve my family. She has always been great with the communication with my parents. I can't thank her enough for the great opportunity! :)